Addiction mentoring

mental health mentoring

It can be difficult to talk about our addictions and to overcome them. That’s where I can help.

I’ve worked as a paramedic in the Armed Forces. I’ve also managed medical clinics and dispensaries both here in the UK and abroad. I’ve spent many years working with the disabled and others with mental health issues. All of this has blessed me with a fair amount of experience in mental health issues and overcoming addictions.

For nearly 25 years I was treated for mental health issues, mainly depression and PTSD. These health issues played out in the form of various addictions, which I overcame one by one. I’ve withdrawn from various conventional medicines, and some of the more exotic drugs too.

During this time, I’ve carefully worked out the best ways to handle / treat mental health issues and addictions effectively (and naturally). My mental health is now better than ever and I know how to control any addiction I come up against.

I offer an Addiction Mentoring service, so that I can help others who are in the same position I was in. Everything we discuss is kept in strictest confidence.

My treatment plan, tailored to your needs and abilities, will include:

Advice from someone who has been through many forms of addictions, overcome them and is now thriving

Tested coping strategies

A direct line for you to call / text me on

Exercise plans suited to your needs and abilities

Diet adjustments

Nutrition advice

Moral support and guidance

and much more…

If you’re interested, please get in touch