Psych Meds Detox will help you to feel better

* You should never stop taking any prescription medication without your doctor’s knowledge *

psych meds detox

 Psych Meds Detox Introduction:


I set Psych Meds Detox up in the hope that it might help others who are stopping, or preparing to stop taking their meds.


I have a wealth of experience of withdrawing from all sorts of drugs, and have learnt a lot along the way.


Withdrawing from medications such as anti depressants, anxiety meds, pain killers, sleeping meds, benzodiazapines, PTSD meds etc can be stressful.


It’s important not to stay on these meds for longer than you need to. There can be horrendous side effects, and the long term safety of these medications is not yet fully known.


By implementing certain lifestyle changes, diet improvements and using a premium CBD oil, the whole unpleasant business of withdrawals and side effects can be minimised significantly, at the same time creating an overall feeling of wellbeing.


Click here for more information about the side effects of common psychiatric drugs.


Psych Meds Detox CBD oil:


cbd cannabis oil


There is a lot of evidence now to support that CBD oil can help improve mental health, reduce anxiety, improve cognition, ease movement disorders and pain as well as make withdrawal symptoms easier to deal with.


I speak from experience and can confirm that CBD oil (nature’s medicine!) helped me enormously in withdrawing from the prescription medications that I was taking.


Bud & Tender’s is the best CBD cannabis oil I’ve ever tried.


Here’s a short video below by Dr Tom O’ Brien PhD, specialist in addiction studies and herbal mental health medicine, talking about the connection between CBD oil and mental health:



Psych Meds Detox Healthy Happy habits:


In addition to using a premium CBD oil, it’s important to mentally and physically prepare yourself before withdrawing from your meds. This will allow you to condition yourself and improve your general health, which will make things easier for you. Diet, exercise, mindfulness, sleep hygiene, relaxation techniques etc.


psych meds withdrawals


I was very fortunate to find an online course which taught me how to live a healthier lifestyle. This lovely lady’s online course link is in the menu under Healthy Happy Habits


She’s a kind person who enjoys helping people, her name is Amy.


psych meds detox


Please feel free to get in touch, if I can help I will.