Minimise side effects

Psych meds side effects / withdrawal symptoms and how to manage them

psych meds side effects

There are, luckily, some really effective ways to manage psych meds side effects / withdrawal symptoms.

psych meds side effects

Mental health toolbag tools:

Here’s a few effective tools from my mental health toolbag to help with both side effects and withdrawal symptoms, in no paticular order:

1. Be grateful – there are so many reasons to be grateful. Quick example (can you imagine how much a blind person would do or give to be able to see? Yet most people take their sight for granted…)

2. Think positively (banish all negativity from your life)

3. Avoid junk food – please see Food for Thought

4. Drink plenty of clean water

5. Pay no attention to the news, it’s mostly lies

6. Focus solely on your breathing whenever possible

psych meds detox

7. Be kind to yourself and others

8. Take notice of nature and admire it’s beauty

9. Be strong and help those who are less strong

10. De clutter – both your possessions and your thoughts

11. Avoid sugar as much as possible, psych meds tend to make you crave sweet foods and drinks, but try to resist

12. Limit your caffeine intake, as it can increase your anxious feelings – try herbal tea like valerian and chamomile

13. Love yourself

14. Get plenty of rest

15. Be humble

16. Have faith

17. Use a quality CBD cannabis oil

18. Be honest

19. Read the book called ‘The secret’ by Rhonda Byrne – it’s about the law of attraction

20. Learn from within – take the time to meditate

21. Do your best

22. Never be afraid to step out into the unknown

23. Meditate – to stabilise the soul

psych meds detox

24. Dwell not on the past

25. You CAN change

26. Exercise – whatever you can manage

27. Swap some bad habits for some Healthy Happy Habits

28. Try to do some yoga

29. Trust your intuition

30. Eat food rich in magnesium, this will help to soothe your nervous system

31. Get in touch with me

32. Only think about what you intend to manifest

33. Never give up, even if you have a setback

I’d love to hear from you, to talk about your experiences with psych meds.

Get in touch please 🙂

psych meds detox