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Temazepam is a hypnotic benzodiazepine used to treat insomnia. It is sometimes sold under the name Restoril.

Temazepam withdrawals:

The only side effect I had when I was taking them was that they gave me a very sweet tooth – 15 minutes after taking one 20mg tablet, I’d be putting on my shoes to go and buy ice cream.


I was taking 20mg Temazepam in tablet form until recently, I’d been on them for about 20 months. They worked at first, giving me about 6 – 7 hours sleep, but like with most drugs, I developed a tolerance and after about 6 months or so, they didn’t work too well.


I tapered off by lowering my dosage to 10mg then 1 month later to 5 mg, then at the end of that month I stopped completely.

During the tapering off period, I adjusted my sleep hygiene procedures, and changed my diet slightly.


I used a Premium CBD oil to take away the side effects of anxiety. I now sleep well….

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