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Extreme caution required when taking this drug!


I first started taking this drug when I was living in Thailand. At first it seemed like a wonder drug, straight away I felt calmer and more relaxed than I had been in quite a while. Quite quickly  though I needed to take more to get the same effect, until I was taking too many.


The main side effects I experienced while taking xanax were severe memory loss and black outs.


xanax memory loss


Xanax withdrawals:



I went through withdrawals when I came back to the UK and the xanax that I’d brought back with me had run out. I went cold turkey, which was harsh. I don’t recommend this! I couldn’t sleep for days on end, even then only getting the odd hour of sleep here and there. I was also really on edge, my nerves were jangling. It took a good 3 months to get over xanax withdrawals.


Try to avoid any stimulants like coca cola and coffee, as this will exacerbate any anxiety you are feeling. A premium CBD oil, good quality omega 3 fish oil (highest dose available), gingko biloba and magnesium supplments will also help. Rest assured, things do get better eventually.


I won’t be taking them again that’s for sure.

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